Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mango Epidemic: 2

Hazelnut Tart with Mango Mousse

Here is my second from the Mango Epidemic series, I have made tarts before but I wanted to make something with nuts, so I came across a recipe in dessertfirst I liked it so though to try it,

I used hazelnuts instead of macadamias nuts blended everything in the processor I used a bit more sugar then the recipe calls for, made the tart a day before and refrigerated it ‘cause it’s so hot here everything just melts and it’s really hard to handle pastry dough. Then next day after baking the tart shells blind I made the mango mousse with fresh mango puree and fresh dairy cream, filled the shells and let them set all the time my little niece was following me around like Mary’s little lamb, she helped me sprinkle the grounded nuts on top of the tarts. As always I usually give the first try to my mom, she is not much of a mango mousse or hazelnuts fan but in this case she says she loved it. =)

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Sylwia said...

These tarts look great!!! You inspired me to make my own...