Monday, June 29, 2009

Apricot Upside-Down Cake & Mango Mousse With Raspberry Jelly

Apricot Upside-Down Cake

We have seasonally fruits coming from family and friends all the time. This time we got apricots and cherries (used some cherries for the frangipani cherry jam and some for another dessert (coming soon)) everyone had their share while I wanted to experiment with mine was double minded wanted to try apricot jam or apricot upside-down cake, put it to vote and everyone preferred the cake. I found this recipe and it sounded good and the brown sugar addition was and picture was tempting.

As i was not in the mood to go looking for a 10 in skillet, I just used my good old trustee baking pan melted the butter and sprinkled the brown sugar, arranged the apricot halves and batter, everything turned out quite good the caramel didn’t burn, I left it to cool in my sister-in-laws room (actually was my sisters were hiding it from the unexpected guests who came to visit was) and we forgot about it till after dinner when the guests left and my sister-in-law went in her room, she came back with it all the while it was cooling the cake top had really sucked the caramel making it sticky and gooey while the lower was soft and crumby served it with homemade vanilla ice cream and not a crumb was left!

Mango Mousse With Raspberry Jelly

Here I made some mango mousse with raspberry jelly for my nieces and nephews who had some friends over. They wanted something cold and with mango, as usually I made more then they needed knowing very well my family just won’t leave the kids share alone, while I was still decorating them my mama picks up a glass and just walks away not looking back or saying anything…should I have stopped her? =/
then comes my older sister demanding one for herself, I said I didn’t make any for the you’ all older lot these are for the kids she said what!?! How could you do this to us! Then comes along her son “Humza” he like my mama grabs a glass and runs away! Now how do you stop a innocent looking face?? My sister tells me serves you right! =0


Parita said...

Apricot upside down cake looks gorgeous, perfectly baked. Loved the combination of mango and raspberries!!

Vera said...

Delicious desserts!