Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mama & Hassanah: Birthday

Nov’09 Birthdays

Ok now for the November birthdays, my mothers and my niece the 2nd sous chef of mine her 2nd birthday is right after my mother’s which was on the 9th and nieces on the 12th! I wanted to bake her birthday cake as well as my nieces. First to tackle mama’s cake, since I wanted to surprise her with the cake I made sure I told my sisters, brothers and sister-in-laws not to get a cake…usually we wish her at 12:00 am with flowers & cake that we did minus the cake…since all her grandchildren wanted to celebrate with her. so we planned a Hi-Tea.

Chocolate cake is her favorites, I chose a chocolate fudge cake and the colors are sea green and marine blue with tiny roses in white, pink and purple (roses are her favorite flowers) and silver degrees. It was a 4 layer cake with chocolate fudge filling. Since it was a surprise I could not bake the cake at home cause she always comes and check when she can smell something baking and takes it the second it’s out of the oven…I had to go to my sisters place for the backing and decorating….baked the cakes on day one, layered it at night and finished the decoration in the morning so at tea time we could surprise her. Hiding the cake from her was the hardest part cause I never go to bake anywhere else nor do I spent more the 2 hrs in any other place so she was a bit suspicious and was after me all the time I got back…what were you doing at your sisters?..You never stay there more than an hr so what were you up to? Are you in some kind of trouble you can tell me?...hehe no matter what I said she was not convinced at all but when she saw the cake the surprised look and happiness on her face really made us happy and she loved the cake so did everyone else…and I got a extra BIG HUG from her which really was the best!! =)

as soon as I was done with mama’s cake I started work on my nieces cake, since we were having a costume party for her, I chose “Tinkerbell”, I made the sketch for the cake and got everything ready for the cake but wanted to wait until we got the costume (which of a good idea) and just 2 days before her birthday we got the wrong costume...As her maternal aunt sent Princess Aurora “Sleeping Beauty”.
So I had to change the cake design and color and made the enchanted castle of sleeping beauty, it was a chocolate cake with white chocolate filling and butter cream frosting, everything was of butter cream, the roses and fairies were marzipan, and sleeping beauty is finger puppet doll. My little princess loved it.


Sue Sparks said...

So talented!

Karine said...

Your cake looks fantastic! thanks for sharing :)

Tia said...

holy impressive cakes!
i love the piping on the side of the blue one and the roses. i wish I had a princess cake like that bottom one! awesome job.