Monday, September 28, 2009

A hectic week: Eid and September 21st & 27th Birthdays

The past 1 week was really busy for us; there was Eid, the twin’s 9th birthday (my niece & nephew) and their mothers (my sister) birthday all came in the same week. Before going to Dubai the twins made me promise that I would be here for their birthday and would bake their choice of birthday cakes, I had no choice but to promise. I had no idea I would be down with cold and fever but a promise is a promise. Colorful Spooky Cake (Brownie with chocolate fudge Cake) for my nephew.

Jade Bratz (Pineapple Cake) for my niece
Eid was on the 21st same day as the twin’s birthday so they decided to push it to the weekend which was the 26th so there friends could come too and I was happy about that but soon realized that on the 27th it is their mothers birthday, all the arrangements were done at CK restaurant (I for one was really happy about that) and I baked them their cakes. For my niece it was either Hannah Montana or Jade of bratz and for nephew it was a very colorful circus or spooky cake.

Then on the 27th it’s my youngest sisters birthday the baby of the house and I wanted to give her a surprise party, usually when there is a birthday between us siblings we all take flowers and cake at midnight to wish whose ever birthday so we did that but minus the cake and we pretended we forgot the cake and we have no plans to get one or go out to celebrate….she was really pissed off and went to bed in the morning even we didn’t say much and she kept on asking in-direct questions I kept on saying I’m sorry I have no time u see I am soo busy these days and I’m sick have fever blah! blah! Poor thing she just went to sunk in her room, our plan was to take her to pizza hut to celebrate so I told everyone to get to pizza hut we’ll bring her, my niece helped me in tricking her mother and getting her to pizza hut pretending one of her school friend was having a birthday party there so she got there and we all jumped and surprised her with a huge TAZ the Tasmanian Devil (Double Fudge Devil’s Food Cake) birthday cake. =)

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