Saturday, August 29, 2009

Humza's 2nd Birthday

August 29, 2009.

My nephews who is one of my little taster sous chefs, his 2nd birthday was coming up and I wanted to bake him a birthday cake, my sister could not decided which cake she wanted between Daffy Duck and Winnie the pooh, she kept on changing her mind and till the 2 days before his birthday, i reminded her that i am fasting its really hot and there is renovation going on in the house so she better make up her mind soon so i can prepare the cake a day before but nOOoo!! She just could not make up her so i was left with no other choice then to consult my sous chefs and he likes car's better then pooh or daffy…finally!!
i decided to make Lightning McQueen from Cars. It was my first time making McQueen and I think I didn’t do a bad job! Baked the cake a day before a chocolate brownie cake with white chocolate ganache filling. Then I made some cookie pops in the shape of Lightning McQueen the children really enjoyed helping with the icing and eating.

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latestrecipes said...

Hi :)

Belated Happy Birthday to your nephew..
My little boy is going to be 4 on the 18th and he likes Lightning McQueen too and wants me to make a cake that looks like him. Your cake looks great, I hope I could come up with the same.. I like the cookie pops too, great idea!

Have a nice day! :)